Electronic dosimeters

Polimaster offers highly reliable electronic personal radiation dosimeters for precise dose and dose rate measurement. The small-size dosimeters are able to continuously monitor the radiation environment and alert a user if the preset dose and dose rate thresholds are exceeded. Polimaster’s radiation dosimeter product line varies from stylish wrist watch gamma indicators, such as PM1208 and PM1208M to impact-resistant PM1603A/B models designed for use in the extreme conditions. The instruments are equipped with non-volatile memory to record and store data which can be downloaded via infrared (IR) channel to a PC for further processing and analysis.

Polimaster’s electronic dosimeters are meant to be used by anyone who is concerned about radiation safety issues. The range of users varies from radiation safety specialists and health physicists to the general public.


POLISMART® II PM1904A – is a brand-new personal dosimeter of POLISMART series, which is designed to continuously monitor and measure ionizing radiation from gamma emitting radiation sources and provide visual and sound alarms whenever preset thresholds are exceeded.

Electronic Personal Dosimeter POLISMART® II PM1904A is the latest development in the field of professional devices of radiation control for wide use designed by Polimaster Team.

POLISMART® II PM1904A operates fully autonomously, can exchange data with user’s mobile device in real time via Bluetooth v 4.0 Low Energy Module (BLE112)wireless connection (iOS, AndroidOS). The User Software allows recording tracks marked with DER and DE values using the ability of GPS positioning of user’s mobile device. Mobile app for POLISMART® II can be downloaded from the App StoreSM or from Google PlayTM.

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A new PM1211 Series of gamma-radiation dosimeters is designed to replace well-proven electronic dosimeter PM1203M. Dosimeters measure the ambient dose equivalent rate (DER) and dose equivalent (DE) of gamma and X-ray radiation, record data in non-volatile memory, have visual, audible and vibration alarms, communicate PC via USB and exchange data with mobile devices via Bluetooth 4.0 LE (models PM1211-01, PM1211-03). Modifications PM1211-02 and PM1211-03 are equipped with GPS module.

PM1211 is the best instrument for professional and non-professional use!
* The device is at the production stage.

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The PM1208M Wrist Gamma Dosimeter is a stylish combination of gamma detector and a Swiss-made quartz watch that continuously monitors environmental radiation levels and alerts user in the case of danger with an audible alarm.

Wrist Gamma Dosimeter is essential for professionals working with radiation sources on a daily basis and for everyone, who cares about their personal radiation safety.

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РМ1405 Survey Meter measures beta radiation flux density from contaminated surfaces and ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma and X-ray radiation.

Survey Meter is designed for the wide range of radiation safety applications and may be successfully used by radiation control services personnel, first responders, employees of security service and customs, as well as personnel whose work includes solving problems of local gamma and beta radiation sources detection or single objects contaminated by gamma and/or beta radiation sources.

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Professional wrist gamma dosimeter for automatic control of radiation environment and measurement of the ambient dose and dose rate in a wide range.

Recommended for use in the extreme environments.

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Professional individual pocket dosimeters for continuous monitoring of the radiation environment as well as measurement of gamma and X-ray radiation dose and dose rate in the wide dose and dose rate ranges.

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New electronic dosimeter PM1605 is ad hoc solution for personal radiation protection of first responders, HAZMAT teams, civil defense, firefighters and the other similar divisions that deal with radiological emergencies. The instrument is intended to be used even in most unfavorable operating conditions.

PM1605BT - is equipped with Bluetooth v 4.0 Low Energy Module (BLE112) and can exchange data with user’s mobile device in real time.

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Electronic personal dosimeters are designed to measure continuous and pulse X-Ray and gamma radiation in the 20 keV – 10 MeV energy range.

Dosimeters are recommended to protect professionals, who work with or around X-ray or gamma radioactive materials: first responders, customs and border patrols, medical personnel.

Devices are available in a GREY color only.

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New continuous and pulse electronic personal dosimeters PM1610B/B-01 are specifically designed for personnel who are at risk of irradiation during professional activities.

Ease of use and adjustment, light weight and shockproof hermetic case make the PM1610B/B-01 dosimeters especially useful and effective means for professionals who have to deal with emergencies and radiation accidents.

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Unique electronic personal radiation dosimeters for measurement of the exposure levels from X-ray and gamma radiation sources and recording even the minor fluctuations of the natural radiation background.

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