External IRDA Adapter

External IRDA adapter for a radiation detector and PC connection via InfraRed channel.

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External Neutron Chamber Moderator

External neutron chamber moderator to increase neutron sensitivity of the PM1401GNA and PM1401K radiation detectors.

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Vibration Alarm Device

In cases when special security investigations are performed, the hidden detection may be required to attract no attention when the instrument alarms.

The external vibration alarm can be connected to PM1401MA, PM1401GNA, PM1401GNB, РМ1402М, PM1710GNA, PM1401K models.

It is attached to a shirt pocket with a special clip or on the arm with a wrist belt.

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Telescopic Extension Tube

The telescopic extension tube can be used with PM1401MA, PM1401GNA, PM1401K, PM1710A and PM1710GN models. It allows for search and measurement in the hard-to-reach locations. It also provides additional protection to an operator by increasing distance to the source while measuring and/or spectra accumulation.

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