Electronic Dosimeters

Polimaster offers highly reliable electronic personal radiation dosimeters for precise dose and dose rate measurement. The small-size dosimeters are able to monitor continuously the radiation environment and alert a user if the preset dose and dose rate thresholds are exceeded.

Personal Radiation Detectors

Personal Radiation Detectors (PRDs) are pager size pocket high-sensitive devices for the search for the nuclear and radioactive materials. We offer both unique gamma and gamma-neutron PRDs with easy-to-use interface.

Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors

Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors are the new class of the radiation equipment which combines advantages of highly sensitive Personal Radiation Detectors (PRDs) and Radionuclide Identification Devices (RIDs). The main purpose of the Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors (SPRDs) is not only to search for radioactive and nuclear materials, such as conventional PRDs, but also eliminate nuisance alarms and evaluate a potential threat of the discovered radiation source by the isotope identification.

Hand-Held Search Instruments

Polimaster offers broad line of hand-held search instruments for detecting alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation, and precise measuring of the radiation level. The hand-held search instruments can be used for different applications ranging from scanning scrap metal at recycling facilities and passengers and baggage scanning at airports to an area monitoring and surface evaluation for radioactive contamination. All models have ergonomic design and can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Hand Held Radionuclide Identification Devices (RIDs)

The compact radionuclide identifiers designed for detection of the alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation sources and radioisotope identification of the gamma emitting sources.

Radiation Activity Monitors

PM1406 is a compact device for measurement of radioactive contamination level in various foodstuff and drinking water.It also can be used to check dry and liquid samples. As well as food radiation control in house and field conditions, the device allows to carry out permanent or periodical radiation environment monitoring in its location place. Software to control operation of the device, including a library with acceptable levels of specific activity of various products, is supplied. PM1406 connects to a PC or laptop via a standard USB port

Radiation Portal Monitors

Highly-sensitive radiation portal monitors for combating illicit trafficking of radioactive and nuclear materials through State Borders or from/to limited access areas. These portal monitors are designed for the monitoring of the pedestrians, trucks, cars, trains, etc.

Area Radiation Monitoring System

Radiation Monitoring System PM520 - all-in-one easy customized solution for the effective detection of gamma and neutron sources to ensure radiation security on the Customer facility.

Combined Chemical Agent and Gamma Detector

The device is designed to detect chemical warfare agents and toxic compounds and differentiate between organophosphorous (GA, GD, GB, VX, etc.) and arsenic-containing (Lewisite, and Lewisite like) compounds, continuously monitor radiation background and provide audible and visual alarms when the preset thresholds are exceeded.

Contraband Detector

Small hand-held contraband detector for search of the concealed contraband such as explosives, drugs, guns etc. at tires, walls and hollows. Recommended for Customs Officers, Border Patrol and Law Enforcement.

Automated Irradiation Calibration System

The Automatic Irradiation System is designed for verification, calibration, and quality assurance of the radiation instruments that measure exposure dose and exposure dose rate, air kerma and kerma rate, dose equivalent and dose equivalent rate, personal dose equivalent and personal dose equivalent rate and testing these instruments in gamma-radiation collimated beam (emitted by standard sources 241Am, 137Cs, 60Co and other).

Mobile Laboratories

The autonomous laboratory allows to solve the whole range of problems of radiation control at rapid and tactical response. It can be used as the command center when overcoming accidents with radiation sources. Also, It can be converted for the solution of other tasks for ensuring radiation safety.

Networked solutions

Polimaster proprietary Nuclear Protection Network system (Polimaster NPNETTM) is a powerful tool for high-effective radiation monitoring. It can be used for applications ranging from monitoring of State Borders, certain areas to covering the country regions. The information to the Polimaster NPNET system can be transferred from fixed and mobile radiation detectors of various types (radiation portal monitors, spectroscopic personal radiation detectors and radionuclide identifiers), thus providing real time data exchange between a user on-site and a remote Unified Command Center or Expert Group.

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