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27 May 2017Polimaster Team hosted the Partner Conference in May

This May Polimaster office in Minsk has become the platform for meeting and training of our partners from Russian Federation, Kazakhstan Republic, Uzbekistan Republic and Ukraine.

Polimaster presented a new field of collaboration for dealers: organization and development of service centers and licensed production on dealers’ basis. The most significant discussed topics during the Conference are the implementation of Polimaster devices in radiation control at border checkpoints and customs, nuclear medicine personnel safety, radiation safety at industrial plants and system integration experience of Polimaster devices.

Within the training the latest Polimaster developments were presented - Electronic Personal Dosimeter PM1300 (for real-time control of radiation situation and measurement of personnel exposure); Unmanned Aircraft System PM2100 (to perform air survey and radiological and chemical surveillance of the environment); Automatic Irradiation Calibration System PM9100 (for calibration and verification of the radiation equipment); Contraband Detector PM2030 (for detection of hidden items within the vehicles); Combined Gamma Dosimeter and Chemical Agent Detector PM2012M (for detection of chemical warfare agents and toxic compounds).

The conference we held in May, 2017, was a real success. We are thankful to our partners for all the hard work they do to promote Polimaster products!