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Polimaster Inc., headquartered in Sterling, Virginia, in the heart of the Dulles Technology Corridor, also known as "The Silicon Valley of the East", is distributor of Polimaster products in North and South America.

We provide a complete line of solutions for radiation control equipment including: its world-class radiation detection portal monitors, unique dosimeters, portable radiation detectors, personal radiation detectors(PRDs), hand-held and Built-in detectors and Radionuclide Identifiers.

Polimaster products are used by Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies in US, multiple government agencies in Latin America, including Brazil, Argentina, Mexico.

The quality of Polimaster equipment is affirmed by numerous test  conducted by the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Energy in US and  also by international organizationa such as  the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Illicit Trafficking and Radiation Assessment Program (ITRAP), the World Trade Organization and Interpol.

Polimaster Holdings Corporation

Polimaster Inc.

44873 Falcon Place, Suite 128
Sterling, VA 20166, USA
Phone: +1 (703) 525-5075, +1 (571) 218-0902, +1 (866) 560-7654(POLI)
FAX: +1 (703) 525-5079


Polimaster IP Solutions, LLC

44873 Falcon Place, Suite 128
Sterling, VA 20166, USA

Phone:+1 (703) 261 7075