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Health Physics and Medicine

Personal dosimeters are designed for measuring continuous and pulse X-Ray and Gamma Radiation.Dosimeters are recommended for personnel,who works with  X-ray or gamma radioactive materials.

Polimaster personal dosimeters have audio and visual alarms, non-valotile memory, compact size and light weight. Dosimeters can be integrated into Personal Dose Tracker System 

Dose Tracking System is intended to provide acute dose information for the personnel and operators, working with the X-ray scanning equipment. This information is complementary to any security monitoring system, provided by X-ray scanning equipment. The flexibility of the system allows for precise configuration and user set up to address dose monitoring needs for both X-ray system operators and personnel, frequently scanned by Personnel Security Screening Systems

Electronic dosimeters


POLISMART® II PM1904A – is a brand-new personal dosimeter of POLISMART series, which is designed to continuously monitor and measure ionizing radiation from gamma emitting radiation sources and provide visual and sound alarms whenever preset thresholds are exceeded.

Electronic Personal Dosimeter POLISMART® II PM1904A is the latest development in the field of professional devices of radiation control for wide use designed by Polimaster Team.

POLISMART® II PM1904A operates fully autonomously, can exchange data with user’s mobile device in real time via Bluetooth v 4.0 Low Energy Module (BLE112)wireless connection (iOS, AndroidOS). The User Software allows recording tracks marked with DER and DE values using the ability of GPS positioning of user’s mobile device. Mobile app for POLISMART® II can be downloaded from the App StoreSM or from Google PlayTM.

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Electronic personal dosimeters are designed to measure continuous and pulse X-Ray and gamma radiation in the 20 keV – 10 MeV energy range.

Dosimeters are recommended to protect professionals, who work with or around X-ray or gamma radioactive materials: first responders, customs and border patrols, medical personnel.

Devices are available in a GREY color only.

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Unique electronic personal radiation dosimeters for measurement of the exposure levels from X-ray and gamma radiation sources and recording even the minor fluctuations of the natural radiation background.

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Personal Radiation Detectors


The PM1703MO-1 and PM1703MO-2 instruments combine features of both Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) and Dosimeter in one housing.

Each instrument is equipped with two detection modules: highly sensitive CsI(Tl) scintillation detector and small-sized GM tube detector. CsI(Tl) scintillation detector allows to search for radioactive and nuclear materials and GM tube detector allows to measure dose rate of gamma radiation in the wide energy range.

In PM1703MO-1 modification bluetooth 4.0 is compatible with Microsoft operating system (mod.PM1703MO-1BT) .

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