Building Protection

High-efficient network solutions for radiation building protection to control all entrances and trafficking of radioactive and nuclear materials inside the building. Fixed portal monitors and wall-mounted radiation detectors may be easily plugged into the network to constantly scan baggage and pedestrian flows. 

Personal Radiation Detectors


The unique gamma-neutron personal radiation detectors for the search and detection of the radioactive and nuclear materials. The detectors measure simultaneously gamma and neutron radiation levels and alert a user if the radiation levels exceed the preset thresholds.

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Instruments are designed to detect and locate even the slightest amounts of radiation emitting materials. Devices provide two operating modes: search for gamma radiation sources and evaluation of dose equivalent rate.

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Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors


It is a brand new series of pocket-size gamma and gamma-neutron spectroscopic personal radiation detectors (SPRDs) that combine both radiation detector, radioisotope identifier and dosimeter capabilities.

PM1704A is successor of Polimaster signature Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) series PM1703 – the most successful PRD over the last 10 years.

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Radiation Portal Monitors

Pedestrian (Worldwide)

Radiation Monitors of PM5000P Series are designed to detect radioactive and nuclear materials in vehicles and luggage at various checkpoints.

Polimaster offers radiation monitors of different configuration to fulfill wide range of customer`s needs.

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Area Radiation Monitoring Systems

Radiation Monitoring System

Polimaster Radiation Monitoring System PM520 is used for the prevention of the illicit penetration of radioactive sources into the limited-access areas/buildings and for continuous gamma and neutron radiation monitoring of different facilities where radioactive and nuclear sources are stored or processed.

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